OpenStack biedt met 25e release balans tussen stabiliteit en innovatie

31 maart 2022

De OpenStack-community heeft vandaag Yoga uitgebracht, de 25e versie van ‘s werelds meest gebruikte open source cloudinfrastructuursoftware. Highlights van Yoga zijn onder andere ondersteuning voor geavanceerde hardwarefuncties zoals SmartNIC DPU’s, verbeterde integratie met cloud-native software zoals Kubernetes en Prometheus en vermindering van de technical debt voor het behoud van een stabiele en betrouwbare OpenStack core.

“Na 25 releases blijft de wereldwijde OpenStack-community innoveren en groeien, door software te bouwen die nu op meer dan 25 miljoen compute cores draait,” zegt Kendall Nelson, senior upstream developer advocate bij de OpenInfra Foundation. “Sinds 2012 heeft onze community meer dan 560.000 changes van meer dan 8.700 contributors samengevoegd.”

De highlights van de Yoga release zijn hieronder in het Engels te lezen. Het volledige Engelstalige persbericht met alle highlights is hier te lezen. De belangrijkste highlights zijn:

Hardware enablement extended, specifically for SmartNIC DPUs. Neutron adds support for a remote-managed VNIC type, enabling port binding to SmartNIC DPUs. In addition, Nova now offers support for network backends that leverage SmartNICs to offload the controlplane from the host server. This enables increased security by removing the control plane from the host server and reduced overhead by leveraging the CPU and RAM resources on modern SmartNIC DPUs.

Local IP added to Neutron. This feature is primarily focused on high efficiency and performance of the networking data plane for very large-scale clouds, or clouds with high network throughput demands. Local IP is a virtual IP which can be shared across multiple ports or VMs, and guaranteed to only be reachable within the same physical server or node boundaries.

Soft delete scheme offered in Manila. File system shares can now be soft-deleted into a recycle bin where they can stay for a configurable amount of time before being purged. While they are in the recycle bin, shares can be viewed and restored on demand.

Cloud-native compatibility expanded for Prometheus and Kubernetes. 
– Prometheus integration: Octavia load balancers now support deep observability by adding listeners that expose a Prometheus exporter endpoint. The Octavia amphora provider exposes over 150 unique metrics. Kolla adds support for deploying Prometheus Libvirt exporter.
– Kubernetes integration: Kuryr adds enhanced debugging capabilities by including Kubernetes events to resources managed by Kuryr. Tacker introduces several new features to its Kubernetes Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), including using Docker private registry images or Helm charts to deploy Container Network Functions (CNFs).

Robbert Hoeffnagel

Robbert Hoeffnagel

Editor and consultant @ Belgium Cloud, IDCA, SDIA/Green IT Amsterdam and Mepax

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