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2 februari 2022

StarlingX – het open source edge computing en IoT cloud platform speciaal ontwikkeld voor low-latency en high-performance applicaties – is beschikbaar in release 6.0. StarlingX combineert Ceph, OpenStack, Kubernetes en meer om een full-featured cloud software stack te creëren die alles biedt wat nodig is voor een edge cloud.

Nieuwe functies in StarlingX 6.0

  • Upgrade van het core besturingssysteem
  • Security verbeteringen, waaronder geautomatiseerd certificaatbeheer en alarmen 
  • Diverse nieuwe tools om implementatie en configuratie eenvoudiger te beheren

Open Infrastructure Foundation heeft verder deze Engelstalige informatie vrijgegeven:

Key Features of StarlingX 6.0:  to further support the low-latency and distributed cloud requirements of edge computing and industrial IoT use cases, the community prioritized these features in StarlingX 6.0:

  • Operating System Upgrade:  StarlingX 6.0 features an upgrade to Linux kernel version 5.10, which, among other things, provides the user space tooling to configure routing and forwarding interfaces.
  • Security Enhancements: Management of certificates is critical to security but can become a maintenance burden. In StarlingX 6.0, platform services can now simplify the management (e.g., auto-renewals) of certificates using cert-manager and update the Kubernetes Root CA (certificate authority) on a running system, with either an uploaded certificate or an auto-generated certificate. 

    StarlingX 6.0 also includes audit support. The Linux Auditing System helps system administrators track security violation events based on preconfigured audit rules. The events are recorded in a log file and the information in the log entries helps to detect misuse or unauthorized activities. The Linux Audit daemon, **auditd**, is the main component of the Linux Auditing System, and is responsible for writing the audit logs.

    In addition, StarlingX 6.0 features alarm support for expiring and expired certificates, which may prevent the proper operation of platform and applications running on the platform.
  • Deployment and Re-configuration Improvements: A new feature of StarlingX 6.0 is that you can migrate from one subcloud to another without reinstallation. Similarly, in a disaster recovery scenario, you can now move subclouds from one distributed cloud system to another while the current system controller is reinstalled. Another use case for the subcloud rehoming process is to consolidate a deployment and shut down some edge sites when they are not utilized. Furthermore, the 6.0 version of StarlingX supports the local installation of subclouds, when the servers at the site support Redfish.
Robbert Hoeffnagel

Robbert Hoeffnagel

Editor @ Belgium Cloud

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